StartupCraftStartup creation is not a job - it's a state of artWe are crafting fine web and mobile apps since 2015
CreatorAIWorld's First Content Creation Protocol on Blockchain
MarketplaceWebBlockchainUSSmart Contracts is a content marketing protocol, built to reduce the friction involved with connecting marketers to the global creator ecosystem. The protocol handles campaign creation, payments, contracts, and content delivery, all by leveraging the blockchain.
WORKAXLEManage your workers in a convinient way
WorkAxle is the perfect solution if you want to schedule shifts in record time no matter how many employees you manage. The application helps you manage your workers in a convenient way letting the system leverage for shifts and schedules. Employees can trade and cover their shifts or interact with manager through app keeping the original schedule workload in place.
DoinboundStreamlined tasks. Repeatable processees. Happy clients
Project managementWebUS
Doinbound is a uniq platform and framework that helps inbound agencies build their business and grow.
WorkAxleTeam managementMathew DiabCEOThe quality of work output by Vova and his team came is mind boggling. Communication was always clear cut and the self-imposed management tools that StartupCraft used to ensure peace of mind for the client is phenomenal. StartupCraft has everything put in place for your project to succeed.
DoInBoundProject ManagementAndrew Dymskico-founderVova and the team at StartupCraft are like family. There is no separation between where we start and they begin. At a time when we needed a reboot, they provided the spark. From the beginning, Vova has treated our project as if it were his own. They approach problems with a full business perspective, not just development. This has allowed us to grow fast and grow smart. This is a contribution that is hard to measure but one we can’t imagine life without!
SharpSurveysBusiness decisions analysisChrisCEOStartupCraft have been one of the best outsourcing teams I have worked with. Their communication and attention to detail have been superb, and they have felt more like part of our team than an agency. I would not hesitate to recommend working with Vladimir and his team to anyone.
The technology is a main tool to craft a really fine product. We use best and latest technologies
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